Basic Billiards


If your interested in taking your pool playing to the next level, go through some of the courses below to learn about topics ranging from aiming to banking to strategy. At the moment we mostly only have 101 level courses, but we will be adding more advanced courses over time as we build more content.

Fundamentals 101

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Before you start shooting and making balls its important learn your fundementals. This is paramount to shooting accurately and conisistenly if you want to start to grow your skills in pool. This course will go over a few different skillsets that cover aiming, stance, bridging, and equipment.

Fundamentals 201

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Once you have your fundamentals down you can start working on learning the basics of pool. Here we will talk about different types of spin that you can put on the cue ball to move it around the table. This course covers stop shots, draw shots, follow shots, and shots with english.

Position 101

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In this course we learn about strategies for playing better shape on our next ball. This will help you pocket more balls in succession with less effort, with no increase in physical skill, just strategy. With just a few main principles on position you will be able to run more balls just by practicing in your head.

Kicking 101

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Here we will go over how to hit a ball that we can't see in order to not commit a foul. These shots involve hitting the cue ball off a rail first and then hitting out object ball. We will learn about different one rail systems and we will go over the diamond system so you can hit the cue ball two and three cushions to hit your object ball.

Banking 101

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No one is perfect, and sometimes you will be in a position where you don't have a clear shot at your object ball. In these situations it is easier to bank that ball by hitting the object ball into a rail and then into a pocket. This course will go over the easiest ways to figure out how to bank accurately every time.

Defense 101

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Despite what you may have heard at your local bar or pool scene, defense is an enourmous part of playing pool. Its not dirty and its not unsportsmanlike, and if you want to win you'll have to play defense to do it. In this course we cover basic defense strategies and tactics to give you the upper hand when you can't run out.