Intro to Follow

In order to get position on a shot by going forwards with the cue ball follow is needed in order to execute the shot. As mentioned in the intro to spin lesson follow is achieved by striking the cue ball high which gives the ball forward spin. For any straight in shot the results are predictable since the ball will follow the direct path of the object ball if it it strikes the object ball head on with follow.

However, not all shots are straight in, but don't worry predicting where the cue ball will go with follow is just as predicatable as stop shots and the 90 degree rule. Here we introduce the 30 degree rule, which basically says that in whatever direction the impact line of the object ball is, if the cue ball has follow, the direction it goes in will be 30 degrees off of that line.

In order to help predict this result you can again use a tool from Dr. Dave and use your index finger and middle finger to help visualize the cue balls path. Just put your index finger on the impact line and your middle finger will show you where the cue ball will end up with just follow.

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