Hanging Ball Rail First Shot

Hanging balls can sometimes seem like the pool gods gift to the game during the middle of a match, but although the ball might be easy to make not everything is as simple as it seems. A beginner pool player sees a ball hanging in the corner pocket and thinks it’s the easiest shot to [...]

Trickshot Lesson: 3 Balls 3 Rails

For a trickshot that looks great and is very easy to set up this 3 rail trickshot is the way to go. Whenever you can pocket more than one ball at a time with one shot, you’ll always impress. The main key to this is getting the last ball in when the cue ball goes [...]

Straight in Shots are Easy! Why did I miss?

When you get ball in hand your first instinct is to put the cue ball straight in line with the object ball. That’s because we want to make the easiest shot we can when we’re at the table. If a straight in shot is the easiest shot, why is it that we sometimes miss?  Just [...]

The Ultimate Pool Players Workout

This is a copy of a guest post done by Basic Billiards for Delta 13 Billiards Supplies. The original post can be found on Delta 13's blog. Getting better at any skill takes dedication and practice. So when it comes to pool that can only mean spending more time at the table if you want to [...]

Effects of English on the Rail

In pool, or any other billiards sport, side spin has a dramatic importance to the game because of the way it affects the trajectory of the cue ball off the rail. English allows many more options than what is normally available with top, center, or bottom spin since it lets you take different paths to [...]

Top 7 YouTube Channels for Watching Pool

The best way to learn pool is through practice, but if you want to become a great player or accelerate your learning nothing can substitute learning from the best. Watching pool and studying how players approach certain shots will help with your shot selection and safety strategies, which will make winning games easier. Here are [...]

Welcome to Basic Billiards!

Welcome to the Basic Billiards blog. We are a new website dedicated to bringing you the best educational content about pool that we can. And this blog is a big part of that process. The main website covers structured lessons that help you gradually go through and learn about pool. Unfortunately there is no course [...]