The best way to learn pool is through practice, but if you want to become a great player or accelerate your learning nothing can substitute learning from the best. Watching pool and studying how players approach certain shots will help with your shot selection and safety strategies, which will make winning games easier. Here are some of the best YouTube channels that consistently update with great matches or already have some legendary matches that you can watch for free already!

World Pool Series

Even though they’re brand new, the World Pool Series which was just launched this past year has some of the best matches and commentary to date. With pool hall of famer Nick Varner commentating every match with different guest commentators who are professionals playing in the tournament you can’t help, but be entertained watching amazing pool matches and listening to the best talk about their business. All the matches are 8 ball and they are high quality videos that you can access absolutely free.

POV Pool

POV pool, also know as Point of View Pool is a west coast based pool channel. It has some of the best streaming around in terms of quality and variety. If you want to watch some legends play 9 ball, POV Pool is the place to go. They are also one of the only streams that cover 3 cushion billiards if that is which is a fascinating game if you want to learn more about kicks and how to work the angles of a pool table with the cue ball.

CueSports International

This is probably the highest quality stream online right now for free. They put in a lot of work into video quality and commentating in their videos. Most of the matches are on bar box tables (7 foot tables as opposed to 9 foot tables), because CSI typically puts on the US Open 10 ball and 8 Ball tournaments, which are played on the bar box. They do have matches on larger tables as well, just not in such great abundance. No worries though, watching matches on small tables is a good exercise because without all the space of a 9 foot table you options and strategy are much different as you try to figure out how to get around a more congested table.


Everything from the Mosconi Cup to the World 9 Ball championship, GeniPool14 covers it all. This channel tends to bootleg a lot of broadcasted matches so you can watch them for free. This means you can find world class matches with great commentary and fantastic video quality at no extra cost. You don’t get to watch the matches live, but if you’re just looking to learn how to play pool these videos are gold. And if you want to stay up to date with the biggest tournaments in pool, this is the channel you should watch.

Billiard Club Network

An old channel that no longer posts new content, Billiard Club Network has some of the best commentating around. Announcers like Billy Incardona and Danny Diliberto offer so much information you’ll have to pause the match just to make sure you’re taking in everything they’re saying. On top of that this channel has some truly great matches to watch even though the quality is lacking at some points due to the age of the videos.

The Action Report

Tar has a lot to offer that other channels don’t. TAR’s main focus is setting two great players against each other in different disciplines so they can battle it out and see who comes out on top. On top of that they also feature podcasts with some world class players who have a wealth of knowledge that they share during these recordings. Definitely worth a watch if you’re looking to learn something new about pool.

Inside Pool

This channel shows plenty of amateur and pro videos that you can watch. There are also quite a few classic matches of earl Strickland and Efren Reyes on this channel, including the Color of Money race to 120 and Steinway Classics Battle of Legends matches. These two matchups are great in and of themselves because you get to see two of the games greatest ever players battle it out and play some astonishing pool. On top of that, Inside Pool offers plenty of other high profile matches that are great for watching as well.


The best east coast stream and pool channel. This channel is assisted by Upstate Al who does most if not all of the video recording and announcing for this channel. Most of the games are available for live-stream for free on their website, but some of the final matches are put on YouTubes o they can be re-watched at anytime.